Project Solar Saver

Power to Puerto Rico

At ASES we have a vision to spread the knowledge and use of solar technology while benefiting the community in the process. We have achieved just that with Project Solar Saver.

Project Solar Saver is the initiative to build solar-powered battery boxes that can charge multiple devices. They can charge cell phones, laptops, speakers, and even some power tools. The goal of this project was to originally use them for tailgates, but our vision changed when Hurricane Maria his Puerto Rico.

Once we heard that the power grid in Puerto Rico would be out for several months, we got to work. ASES partnered with Enactus: Penn State to complete this project. Together, we managed to build two solar boxes from scratch in a few months. Along with another solar box we bought, we sent the 3 solar boxes out to our contact in Puerto Rico near the beginning of 2018.


These boxes are still being used by the community to this day.

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